About Us

MY Clean Beach is an initiative targeted at clearing Malaysian beaches of trash, one beach-cleaning session at a time. An ongoing project, MY Clean Beach recognises that any kind of trash accumulated on the beach will harm the ecosystem of life around it—especially plastic. Marine life is an endangered target due to the chemically toxic reactions between plastics and long-term exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays. The constant movement of waves on a trash-infested beach also allows the incorporation of toxic chemicals into sediments, which in turn are ingested by sea organisms that are eventually consumed by human beings. Yes—this is a serious issue.

We at My Clean Beach wish to invoke the responsibility in beach-goers to reduce litter/waste, practice recycling, and maintain/sustain the clean state of public beaches. How do we do this? We host beach-cleaning sessions, run awareness programmes, and form partnerships with relevant organisations with the goal of encouraging people to love their beaches.

As a growing community of ‘Earth Lovers’, we are passionate about protecting and preserving the environmental health of Malaysia’s coastal treasures. We firmly believe in conveying the importance of our beaches across all layers of the local society through education, community building, and citizen action in Malaysia.

Meet Our Team

Geeva Samynathan


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